Global Investment Team

Global Investment opportunities, we provide distinctive solutions to help our investors achieve their goals.

We believe our primary responsibility to clients is to provide our unsurpassed investment expertise in identifying investment strategies based on their specific needs. To complement that effort, Oawins Investors has established management team platforms with significant global and local market expertise. At present, we have offices and teams in New York, New Jersey, California and Seoul Korea.

Oawins Investors participates in opportunities across global markets while meeting their toughest investment challenges. We are actively taking on development to execute strategies intended to escalate in value for all stakeholders and create long-term partnerships. Utilizing Oawins Group network of relationships and resources in the commercial Insurance and real estate, our team pursues opportunities unique to its investment expertise. Over 95% of the investment portfolio have been off-market transactions, sourced through proprietary network of relationships.

With in-depth experience and cutting edge technology and global partnerships, Oawins Investors brings you access to various investment and acquisition opportunities

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